What to do now?

Just ask your Google Assistant:

Talk to Sonus Mail

If your Google account is not linked to Sonus Mail yet, the assistant will ask you to link accounts from Google Home app. Keep your phone or tablet handy, you should see a notification from Google Home app offering to link accounts. If you don't see it, launch Google Home app, and the link will appear on Discover tab.

If your Google account is already linked to it, you will hear, something like:

Inbox of you Gmail account has 100 messages, 10 unseen. Would you like to list unseen messages?

Then, dialog will continue. If you are not sure at any point, you can say:

What can I do?



... and Sonus Mail will give you ideas.

After you are more familiar with the inteface, and find that Sonus Mail talks too much, you can ask:

Switch to short prompts


Talk less

You can always switch back to long prompts, by saying Switch to Long Prompts, or Talk more.

Please stay tuned, because we have huge plans about the project. It will be getting updated frequently, and more and more new features will appear.

What you see here is just a beginning!

Keep checking here.

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