Sonus Mail

Questions and Answers

Just ask your Google Assistant:

OK Google, Talk to Sonus Mail

If your Google account is not linked to Sonus Mail yet, the assistant will ask you to link accounts from Google Home app. Keep your phone or tablet handy, you should see a notification from Google Home app offering to link accounts. If you don't see it, launch Google Home app, and the link will appear on Discover tab.

If your Google account is already linked to it, you will hear, something like:

Inbox of you Gmail account has 100 messages, 10 unseen. Would you like to list unseen messages?

Then, dialog will continue. If you are not sure at any point, you can say:

What can I do?



... and Sonus Mail will give you ideas.

After you are more familiar with the interface, and find that Sonus Mail talks too much, you can ask:

Switch to short prompts


Talk less

You can always switch back to long prompts, by saying Switch to Long Prompts, or Talk more.

Please stay tuned, because we have huge plans about the project. It will be getting updated frequently, and more and more new features will appear.

What you see here is just a beginning!

Keep checking our List of Changes.

Service is absolutely free

We support the latest secure connection standards (TLS 1.2). Communications between our server and your mail server are always encrypted end to end. However, we do support non-secure connections (we do not put a restriction).

With your Google account we are using OAUTH2 validation:

Google issues to us a time limited access token, which allows us to access your Gmail, read only access to your contacts, and minimal profile information. We can renew the token as long, as your Google account is linked to us. It can be unlinked from your Google account settings at any time. We never receive and see your Google password.

We are requesting access to Gmail (we need to access it to serve you the data), minimal profile information (so your assistant could address you by your name), and contacts, in read-only mode, so you could send mail out based on the name of recipient, by saying "Send mail to John", rather than telling your assistant an email address and avoid mistakes made by speech recognition engine, which is very likely to misinterpret spoken email addresses.

For non-Google accounts, we store your passwords in our database, but they are highly encrypted, and if our database ever gets compromised, it will be still virtually impossible to use them.

We do not store emails and contacts that pass through our server. We deliver the information straight from mail server to client.

If you still have concerns, please contact us.

To create a routine, which will invoke Sonus Mail by saying, e.g. Check my Mail, or Check my Email follow these steps:

Launch Google Home app on your device;

Tap Settings button on the top left corner:

Tap ...More Settings on the menu:

Find Routines on the screen that appears:

Tap a + sign;

Add a routine: When I say "Check my Mail" or "Check my Email" Google Assistant should... Talk to Sonus Mail...

You are all set. Now, each time you say "check my email", our agent will be invoked.

In some cases, processing tasks may take a while and they may time out (you would hear: Sonus Mail has Left the Conversation from your assistant).

We are trying to avoid similar situations: allowing to archive only 25 messages, and flag only 300 messages at a time (you will hear the warning, when it comes to it). We are also limiting search of senders and subjects of top 100 messages, unless you use an email account hosted by ArGoSoft Mail server, with SoundEx IMAP extension enabled.

The best solution - do not keep too many messages in your inbox, but still, depending on the load of your mail server, occasional timeouts are possible.