Sonus Mail

Special Announcement

As you have read in our Privacy Policy, Sonus Mail needs access to so called Google Sensitive Scopes, such as Gmail and Contacts.

When we started the project, we went through lenghty OAuth verification process with Google. We were approved.

But, recently, Google changed their policies, and now they are requesting from us to go through 3rd party security assessment, which costs significant amount of $$$.

We cannot afford it for project which, at least, at this point, does not generate any income.

We have following choices:

If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Time is running out. Hopefully, Google will give us until December 31 2019, but they are also saying that they may shut down an access to our application as early as June 26.

Thank you!

Some technical details:

"Voice" portion of the agent uses Google platform called Dialogflow.

The "Webhook", which does actual work, is hosted on our server, and is an ASP.NET application (C#).

It uses Internet library we've been developing and improving for decades, and which is used in our other products.